Dental and medical equipment

“We work with leading companies, enabling us to supply materials, disposables, implants and other products that may be required by dental surgeons.”

The dental sector is one of many that we at Zio Europe cater. We service and supply, from the most basic daily needs of any dental specialists, hygienists, technologists or assistant staff, to complete dental solutions and practices.

In this sector, we work with leading companies, enabling us at Zio Europe Limited to supply disposables, materials, implants, dental units, hand pieces, x-ray equipment, dental chairs and other products that may be required by dental surgeons and practice managers in their day to day practices. 

Ultimately, client and customer care along with after care and after service is part of why people work with us at Zio Europe, along with excellent products, superbly competitive pricing and on time delivery every time.

Zio Europe believe in the sharing of information. We work alongside some of the leading providers of diagnostics tests, equipment and laboratory requisites and consumables with customers ranging from Governments to stand alone private practices and clinics around the world. By sharing our knowledge with other companies leading this allows us a better chance of progress and medical breakthrough than operating as a sole provider. This also increases our ability to bringing innovative new products to the local laboratory sector. 

We are proud to be placed in an arena of great minds and extraordinary professionals with the representation of many industry leaders in the diagnostic and laboratory sector, therefore guaranteeing not only top quality prime products, but also keeping completely real time up to date with the latest technologies and medical devices and breakthroughs for our consultants and clients. Our continued strategic partnerships continually allows us to increase our supply of laboratory and testing products to many pharmaceutical and scientific manufacturing companies and practices across both. 

Along with our valued partners, combined we have a large amount of equipment in government hospitals, private clinics, labs and industrial companies. We also have the provision of equipment and consumables whereby we aim to provide a twenty four hour, seven days a week contact service.  This is of importance to all sectors, but even more so to time sensitive clients which can include all aspects of emergency labs where immediate solutions to their requirements are required. This ensures full customer satisfaction, guaranteed by the highest level of service and the greatest reward to our customers, an on time every time service. 

All these elements will allow Zio Europe to be regarded as the Global provider to local requirements, this would follow suit across all of the sectors we are involved in.

Some of our clients also opt for a full facilitation service, for more details about this please contact us on